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How We Started

Codie Couture jewelry evolved from the desire to express what I was feeling about becoming a grandmother for the first time. Morse Code gave me the ability to do just that. The thought that other people may also enjoy the ability to express themselves, led us to introduce and share this fun and interactive website.
Morse Code is made up of dots and dashes in different sequences that form each letter of the alphabet and in turn form words. I am able to use this concept in my jewelry by using different colored stones for the dots and dashes. Each necklace has its own unique pattern and style due to the different sequences of the dots and dashes for that particular name or word(s). Morse Code also inspired our company name. Codie represents the Code and Couture represents our custom Design, as unique as the jewelry itself.
The beads we use are a combination of Pearls, Mother of Pearl, Coral and Semi-Precise Stones. Depending on what you pick for the dots and dashes.
On this website you will be able to choose your style, what you would like it to say, and the stones for the dots and dashes. It is an easy 3 step process. You will be able to preview a sample of what the necklace will look like before you order. You can change your stones and sayings to preview different combinations. With your specifications we are able to create a one of a kind necklace that anyone can wear with pride.
There are two versions to choose from, the Single String, and the Drop Design.
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